We have collaborated with clients from all over the world including Milan, Accra, Lagos, London, Monaco, Nairobi, Jamaica, Paris, China, Texas and San Francisco.

Hippocampus | ANEW
Hippocampus | Vineyard Friends
Hippocampus | DGB
Hippocampus | Lone Star Justice Alliance
Hippocampus | Good Year
Hippocampus | Pres Les
Hippocampus | Constitutional Court South Africa
Hippocampus | Wilderness Foundation
Hippocampus | Franschhoek Cellar
Hippocampus | Hi-Q
Hippocampus | Maidens' Cove For All
Hippocampus | Skyy Vodka
Hippocampus | Tall Horse Wines
Hippocampus | @ The Wheel
Hippocampus | Bulldog London Dry Gin
Hippocampus | Fryer's Cove
Hippocampus | Brampton Wines
Hippocampus | Albie Sachs
Hippocampus | D-School
Hippocampus | Campari Group
Hippocampus | Zest Life
Hippocampus | Oceana Group
Hippocampus | Bisquit & Dubouche
Hippocampus | Edward Snell & Co
Hippocampus | Vanessa September Architects
Hippocampus | Aperol Spritz

For a selective portfolio of our work please contact guy@hippocampus.co.za

Hippocampus | A collection of our favourite collaborators